Friday, February 26, 2010

Misleading statements In BC Pavillion

Signs at the BC Pavilion claim that "British Columbia is taking action onclimate change" and "Our carbon footprint is getting smaller"

Unfortunately these statements are not true.

BC is the only province that saw emissions from industrial sources INCREASE in 2008. Even Alberta managed to at least keep its emissions steady.

The province's own reports admit that emissions will also increase from highway construction projects that are currently under-way. There are plans for over 1,000 km of new highway lanes including the controversial Gateway Program. While the province has reduced funding for almost all other services including public transit, it has kept the funding for new highway projects.

Transportation is the largest source of ghg emissions in the Province.

The province has also not reduced the subsidies for oil and gas companies. Fossil fuel production is the second largest source for ghg emissions in the province.

The sign makes reference to electrical generation which only accounts for 2% of the province's ghg emissions. So changes in this sector will do little to reduce our carbon footprint.

Given this factors it is almost impossible for the province to meet the one third reduction mentioned in the poster.

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