Saturday, January 30, 2010

Far From Climate Neutral

The Province of British Columbia is still claiming that the 2010 Games will be "climate neutral."

But the reality seems far from that.

First there is the question of what the actual emission from the games will be.  VANOC commissioned the David Suzuki Foundation (DSF) to do the calculations.  They came out with a total of over 328,000 tonnes.  But the actual number is certainly higher.

Although DSF tried to verify as many of the number as possible some of the estimates that they used came directory from the IOC and they were not able to independently verify their accuracy.  There were also several categories where they were not able to produce any estimates (for example, fugitive refrigerant emissions, test events and Athletes and Team Officials shipping) so these emissions were not included in the total.

But even if you take the 328,000 figure VANOC is far from neutralizing those emissions. Only about 118,000 tonnes have been offset so far.

And as the Olympics approach there are some unexpected emission sources.  At Cypress Bowl straw, wood chips and snow are having to be shipped in.  And it seems that the emissions from electrical use will be higher than expected as VANOC opts to use diesel generators instead of BC Hydro's cleaner power.

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